8 Jun


Argentinian Street-Art tackles prostitution. The wheat paste-ups are folded around Buenos Aires street corners as part of an AMMAR campaign. On one wall we see the provocative image of a street worker, on the other is a pram with a few words printed above. “86% of sex workers are mothers. We need a law to regulate our work”. You need to see both sides of the picture to understand the art. The aim is to promote awareness of basic human rights and build a respect for mothers no matter their source of income.



1 May

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a bit of art I thought worth sharing but Dran paints pieces worthy of contemplation.

Dran is blend of graffiti, humour and Banksy-esque social commentary. He creates Tintin book covers with anglo-french violence, tourist photos with pickpockets, Papa Noel doing lines of coke and tonnes of other stuff!

Check it out @ http://graffart.eu/blog/2010/07/dran-art-pack-1/


1 Apr


Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist who has been collecting arms from his native country for over 4 years. He uses them to create instruments of social interaction and collective collaboration. In the western Mexican city of Culiacán – a city known for high levels of gun crime – Reyes’ work actually encouraged locals to donate their firearms. Coupons were exchanged for weapons which were then melted down and given to hardware stores. The coupons could then be used at the hardware stores to buy domestic appliances or tools.

His most recent project ‘imagine’ is a collection of 50 musical instruments sculpted from revolvers, shot-guns, machine guns etc. The project lasted two weeks and involved six musicians but Reyes managed to turn an impressive gun amnesty into a fully functioning orchestra with a flute, guitar and drum-kit.


Pedro Reyes: Disarm is at Lisson Gallery, NW1 (020 7724 2739, lissongallery.com) until May 4. Open Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat, 11am-5pm; closed Sundays. Admission free.


30 Mar


Odani Motohiko is a Japanese Sculptor who creates light, feathery works of art based on sensation and psychological states. He explores the essence of transformation. Some pieces are phantom-like, eerie and ephemeral but beautiful.

For more sculptures visit here.


29 Mar
Moustacheville by TangYauHoong
Moustacheville, a photo by TangYauHoong on Flickr.

Staying on the illustrative theme, this is Moustacheville by Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysian artist known for conceptual and surreal designs. Moustacheville is a print and a T-shirt design from a collection which explores Negative Space.

For more illustrations visit:


Randy Otter

26 Mar


Something a bit different for SlimClippings. Aaron Jay is an illustrator from the UK. He plays with the themes of nature and animals. Objects are animated and forest creatures are humanised in a way which is amusing but also a little unsettling. One of my favourites is a badger who has cut off his tail to use it as a scarf…kinda sick but a very good illustration!


See more here.

Federico Uribe PENCILISM

20 Mar

Federico Uribe is a Colombian born conceptual artist known for his use of everyday objects to create colourful and intriguing works of art.
The art pictured is from a project called PENCILISM. From a distance it looks fairly classical but if you get close be careful…you might get prodded by a protruding pencil tip.

His most recent project is called CONTECTADO. For this collection Uribe reuses electrical cables. The result is similar, a colourful mass from a distance, a beautifully textured canvas close-up.

For more of Uribe’s projects, visit: