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29 Mar
Moustacheville by TangYauHoong
Moustacheville, a photo by TangYauHoong on Flickr.

Staying on the illustrative theme, this is Moustacheville by Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysian artist known for conceptual and surreal designs. Moustacheville is a print and a T-shirt design from a collection which explores Negative Space.

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Baltimore Love Project

14 Feb
Baltimore Love Project by krapow
Baltimore Love Project, a photo by krapow on Flickr.

As it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re all suitably filled with Hallmark helium, here is a love-themed project from Michael Owen. Not the 33 year old Stoke City footballer who can’t outrun a parked car but an artist who aims to spread ‘LOVE’ through the city of Baltimore. It’s called the Baltimore Love Project and aims to connect communities by reproducing the shadowy graphics on over 20 walls. Billboards with burgers make me want to eat so I guess a wall with the letters L.O.V.E. should make me want to love right? You decide. And visit this link to watch the documentary:

Evan Robertson

21 Dec

Literature-inspired fine art illustrations by Evan Robertson, currently being sold on Etsy under the name Obvious State.

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